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Other times the ore detector will show signals for ore deep inside the asteroid up to 90m away (with the small ship ore detector) but seem to ignore closer deposits. The Ore Detector is a block in Space Engineers. When attached to a ship and supplied with power, it will display up to 5 ore locations on...

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Note: Space Engineers currently does not support nVidia/AMD 3D vision and it should be disabled in the nVidia/AMD control panel, otherwise it can cause various issues. BUG REPORTING If you have encountered a bug while playing Space Engineers, you can report it by posting it on our dedicated support site.

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Nov 30, 2015 · Flying around may prevent ore from showing up on HUD even when it normally would. Though it's the ore detector movement that seems to cause this (player movement in case of using a hand drill). This is the issue. You have to slow down for a second for it to scan, and you need to be somewhere less than 50-100 meters off the ground to see them.

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Apr 25, 2016 · The real issue with GFD, is that it gives an unfair advantage. I think we just need something that can "see" as well as a player can, not better. GFD should be limited to draw distance. That will help with performance as well. So if you set a server to see up to 10 km. Then do the same for GFD.

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The ore detector on the small ship (50m range) detects the ore, the detector on the large ship (150m range) does not detect the ore. Saving and reloading seems to have fixed the issue. Detectors appear to have glitches.

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Jun 30, 2014 · Frankly, with a good multiplayer backend and better dedicated server support, I'd have said space engineers was good to go well before planets. We didn't need them, really. The server I played on had the game set up the way that kept me for 600 hours - pile of resources in the middle, and there are no rules except no spawnship ramming (and even ...

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8. If the current angle is not 0 degrees, spin the rotor until it gets to 0 degrees and locks there, then set Velocity back to 0. 9. Check Rotor Lock and Share Inertia Tensor (if experimental mode is on) again. 10. Build a large grid ore detector on the rotor head, with the round part facing back or up relative to the truck.

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Последние твиты от Space Engineers (@SpaceEngineersG). Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration, and survival in space and on planets. "Need To Create". Prague, Czech Republic.

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Maximum number of small objects floating in space (ore, ingots, components) Warning - values higher than 64 can significantly affect performance! Configure the maximum number of saves that should be backed up. Enable copy/paste. Show player names.
Probably same issue i have observed. after 1.188 update i noticed that my miner's ore detector only showed one ore in an asteroid. So i thought my game might have gotten some weird settings in the update, tried deleting my %appdata% -> space engineers folder together with the game and re installed it from steam. started a new game "easy start space" world.
Space Engineers. 5 читателей · 13 заметок · RSS.
check your blueprints by hitting F10 in game. level 1. 1 point· 5 years ago. blueprints can take awhile before they show up in the list sometimes. open it and give it a few minutes left open to see if its just taking a long time to load. level 1. Space Engineer. 1 point· 5 years ago. Depends on how it is saved.
Buy Space Engineers Deluxe Edition as a Steam Key. Deluxe Edition Content. Golden Skin Set – Show your support of the game on multiplayer servers with this exclusive skin set. Space Engineers 2013 build - Get in the boots of the first Engineers who stepped into the game’s universe and experience the first version that was published back in ...

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Space Engineers is a sci-fi "open world" sandbox game developed and published digitally by Keen Software House for the PC on February 28, 2019. It was originally released as a Steam Early Access game on October 23, 2013 (with numerous updates since then) and will be released for the Xbox One on April 15, 2020.
Maximum number of small objects floating in space (ore, ingots, components) Warning - values higher than 64 can significantly affect performance! Configure the maximum number of saves that should be backed up. Enable copy/paste. Show player names.Where to Find Ores Since the Survival Update has changed the ore generation significantly on planets, you'll be hard. You won't be able to find ores by looking for dark patches anymore. Instead, you should look for subtle, light discoloration in the ground to find ore veins.