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The more elastic the supply the larger the deadweight loss from a tax all else equal.

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Jan 23, 2019 · quarterfreelp and 12 more users found this answer helpful Base on my calculation and also by the sue of the data you give where as the triangle ABC is rotated by 100 counter clockwise about point P to create triangle A'B'C' the possible value of angle C'A'B is 70 degrees.

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• Free - Brainly is 100% free of charge! • 24/7 - Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime • Superfast, Quality Answers - Questions are answered within minutes & monitored by moderators • Share Your Knowledge - Earn points and gain ranks by helping other students. Everyone knows something!

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After that, the three resistors 4 ohms, the combined resistors [6//12) + 2 ]//3 ohms, and the internal resistance 1 ohm is now in series with each other. That means you can just add them to get the total resistance of the circuit (your answer should be 8 ohms).
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