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When using the Asteroids in synastry (chart comparison) we find it "unscientific" to use orbs wider than 1°. The 1° orb is a maximum, not a minimum! Unfortunately, we have not found any reliable research studies yet that take into account the Asteroids in synastry with such a narrow orb.

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When the 8th house is affected in synastry, you will feel the hit truly, madly and deeply. However, the planet person may not know at all. Most of the times people don't understand that in synastry house overlays, the planet person is not affected. It is the house person who feels the energy of the planet.

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Nov 06, 2020 · Ceres conjunctions and midpoints in synastry enhance the quality of any kind of relationship due to the desire of the Ceres person to provide comfort, patience, and unconditional love to another. She details his abuse as well as her molestation by a family friend in her autobiography “Paper Moon” Tatum lost custody of her children due to her herion addiction.

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With Venus, need to love and be loved by the person, love growing with time, love commitment With Mars, sexual commitment, long term sexual interest, growing with time 2. Trines. Trine energy is familiar from the start, on a psychological level, and they have a comfortable energy. They are about "sliding together", peacefully, in sync.

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Mar 02, 2010 · Juno was at 14 d scorpio and that is conjunct my natal venus. The North Node and my sun where conjunct. Pluto and the vertex of this chart are conjunct int he 5th house. Venus is also there in the 5th house but in Cap. That means that both Saturn and Venus are in mutual reception. Neptune and Chiron are conjunct in the 7th house.

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other planets/asteroids in a synastry chart? For example: Venus: His Venus is opposite my Venus His Venus trines my Neptune His Venus conjunct my Ceres My Venus conjunct his Destinn My Venus conjunct his Karma Saturn: His Mercury square my Saturn His Mars trine my Saturn His Jupiter trine my Saturn His Saturn square my Saturn My Mars opposite ...

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Nov 09, 2010 · Chiron and Neptune have been traveling together in our skies for 18 months, bringing spiritual healing and community in their wake. Now it is November of 2010 and their conjunction is coming to a close. Here are some posts I’ve written about it: May’s Triple Conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter

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For example, the year I met a man with whom I have a Vertex-Venus aspect in synastry, my Solar Return chart showed a Vertex-North Node conjunction in the 5 th house of love and romance. In addition, the day I met him, transiting Mars was conjunct my natal Venus exactly. Synastry Aspects with the Vertex

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Jan 13, 2018 · with someone i have vesta trine venus and mars & vesta conjunct venus, mars. the whole synastry and composite is quite fascinating to me. Reply ↓ amiann Post author March 11, 2019 at 8:19 pm

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Nov 09, 2012 · According to a study, certain Juno aspects were commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples, including: Juno conjunct North Node, Juno conjunct Juno, Juno trine Venus, and Juno trine Mars. For example, my sister and her fiancé have several Juno contacts in Synastry. Her Juno in Libra conjuncts his Sun and Mercury.
Feb 05, 2014 · "Ceres connections in synastry can reveal how one person accepts (or doesn’t) their partner’s nurturing. “Nurturing” is defined as caring for someone, and fostering their growth. Ceres (or Demeter) is named after the Goddess of the crops. She had a daughter (Persephone) and they were close.
Apr 09, 2020 · With the conjunction, Venus is now taking over and will color you (mostly) with VENUS-TYPE qualities: sensual, artistic, attractive, friendly. Venus may even enhance your social nature, as this is the ruler of Libra, another air sign, highly sociable! There is a lot more to play with in regards to interpreting this particular aspect.
Nov 29, 2007 · Ceres=Venus/Saturn Problems with a partner in the food field or over food; you eat differently. Pallas=Venus/Saturn Work is divisive in a relationship. E.g., Can't get together because of time conflicts or unhappiness with partner's job. Anthony Scarmucci Natal Pallas=Venus/Saturn approx 30' orb.
Nov 12, 2012 · When one person’s Venus is opposite another person’s Ascendant (thus, conjunct the person’s Descendant), a strong attraction is indicated, particularly on the part of the Ascendant person. When someone’s Venus is in your 7 th house or close to the Descendant, they embody the qualities you are looking for in a partner.

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Venus opposite, square or semi-square Ceres in the synastry chart. Both Venus person and Ceres person feel tension even as you try to nurture each other. Venus person may have good intentions but come across as manipulative or possessive. Venus person's jealousy may also cause havoc in this relationship.
Venus Conjunct Midheaven: You're diplomatic and socially ambitious and your social status is often improved by marriage, sometimes intentionally. You attract money by forming partnerships with those in power or with your social prominence. Mars conjunct pluto synastry lindaland. disc, discord, discover, discovery, disc test, discogs, discord download, discover ecuador, discipli. Mars conjunct pluto ...