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Ansible Tower. This app launches a job template on Ansible Tower 3.0. The job template can be specified by its name or numeric value. Ansible extra vars can be specified to the playbook. After a successful launch, the app waits for the job to complete to return the job status, up to the specified dead interval iterations.

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To me this use case is interesting since it is a way to document how to access, how to use the Ansible Tower API. The following playbook is an example to launch a job in Ansible Tower. The body payload contains an extra variable needed by the job itself. In this example it is a name of a to-be launched VM.

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Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

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--- title: Ansible Tower(AWX)にREST API経由で変数を渡すと使用できない仕様について調べてみた tags: Ansible AnsibleTower awx Ansible-Tower author: sky_jok

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Ansible Towerで実行したテンプレートのジョブステータスをAPIで取得した時のメモです。 環境 項目 バージョン OS RHEL7.4 Ansible Tower 3.2.3 python 3.4...

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Up until Ansible Tower 3.6 we have been using a mix of tower-cli, Python based API calls, and Ansible Playbooks to automate our use of Tower and in particular job launching. In fact it’s completely possible for us to deploy a Tower Cluster, use it on a daily basis, and then tear it down without ever logging into the console.

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199一年云服务器. 199一年云服务器的信息由阿里云开发者社区整理而来,为您提供199一年云服务器的相关开发者文章、问题及技术教程的最新信息和内容。

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Students will also learn to use the visual dashboard to centrally launch, control, and monitor Ansible jobs, use the Ansible Tower application programming interface (API) to launch jobs from existing templates, and automatically schedule Ansible jobs and update the host inventory.

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ID: 20504: Package Name: openshift-ansible: Version: 3.7.0: Release: 0.178.0.el7: Epoch: Summary: Openshift and Atomic Enterprise Ansible: Description: Openshift and ...

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Now all you have to do is run playbook (see how to set and use sudo password for Ansible Vault) $ ansible-playbook -i hosts --ask-vault-pass --extra-vars '@cluster. Here are the examples of the python api ansible. This can be relative or absolute path. Introduction.
Awx won't take the extra-vars via api unless you set the right option in your template. You have to enable " prompt for extra_vars" or whatever it is. Then you can pass extra_vars via api. level 2
Ansible Tower Endpoint: Select an Ansible Tower Endpoint that was previously added: Filter Projects by Team *Auto-generated list of Teams based on the Ansible Tower Endpoint selected. Select the desired Team, if any: Filter Job Templates by Project *Auto-generated list of Projects based on the Ansible Tower Endpoint selected. Select the desired ...
- name: Launch a job with inventory and credential tower_job_launch: extra_vars: "var_name: value" job_template: "My Job Template" inventory: "My Inventory" credential: "My Credential" However I would recommend just using the tower ReST API if you can.
Another change for Ansible Tower version 2.4 introduced a launch_type setting for your jobs. Instead of manually relaunching a job, a relaunch is denoted by setting launch_type to relaunch. The relaunch behavior deviates from the launch behavior in that it does not inherit extra_vars. Job relaunching does not go through the inherit logic.

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BZ - 1445103 - [Ansible Tower] - Ansible Tower Jobs - relationships table - undefined method when clicking on Service BZ - 1445108 - Wrong flash message after ansible playbook catalog item deletion BZ - 1445111 - UI blows up while trying to create a cloud volume from the Storage Summary screen
I was not aware that the extra vars "prompt on launch" box needs to checked in Ansible Tower in order to pass the vars via API. It may be a good idea to add that information into the "help ()" field in the plugin's job box. Dec 18, 2014 · Role-based access control & LDAP integration DELEGATION OF CREDENTIALS Delegate credentials without giving away secrets SCHEDULING Schedule automation jobs (great for periodic remediation) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Graphically manage your internal & cloud resources API & CLI Documented RESTful API and Tower CLI to integrate Tower into your tools ...